TicketNews - Thank you!

Kelly McWilliams from TicketNews.com was nice enough to write a very flattering profile of Ticket Proxy! Here's what she had to say...

Over the holiday weekend we received an email from Kelly McWilliams at TicketNews.com.  She asked us if we'd be willing to accept an interview for a piece TicketNews wanted to write about us... that's right folks, us!  Needless to say we had mixed feelings; first was excitement that an industry leading publication took an interest in us, and then after pondering a little more we began wonder: "Did we do something bad?"  We thought long and hard and decided that there was nothing we could think of that we did to draw negative press, so we went for it.  I told Kelly that we'd love to do the profile piece, so she sent her questions to us. 

Figuring out how to answer questions in a truthful, yet politically correct manner is difficult at times, especially in the uber-scrutinized secondary ticketing industry.  But we did our best to portray who we are and what we're all about in the responses.  The result:

"TicketProxy.com is bringing a new sales model into the secondary ticketing space. The new ticket brokerage is aiming to prove that the service fee, long a staple for secondary ticketers, is not a necessary part of doing business."


"At the TicketProxy site, fans can peruse ticket listing for theater, concert, and sporting events throughout the U.S. and Canada. A blog written by the company's co-founders aims to enhance the customer service product that fans receive when they purchase tickets: "[It] gives consumers tips on how to get tickets from the box office before they sell out; lets readers know about upcoming box office onsales; and even gives consumers tips on how to get tickets on the secondary market for less than face value," says Evans."

 You can read the entire article on the TicketNews website <---- Click here

In short, thank you to Kelly McWilliams and TicketNews for a great profile of our company.  We're absolutely thrilled that an interest was taken in us and that they've provided us with such great press.

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