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Interview with the man behind Seven7h Wave - A unique Denver-based live PA act that fuses live guitar and an assortment of digital sounds from old school NES bites to cellos.

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Denver's got some interesting acts touring the local club and concert scene; some OK, some good, and others like Seven7h Wave are absolutely amazing!  We first came across him back in 2009 after he got his start as Seven7h Wave and have followed him around on his string local gigs.  Now, it's time for all of our readers to know who this one-man-band is!

You've got a unique act; you're only one man that commands an entire electronic orchestra... tell us about the equipment you use.

The brains of the whole operation is my Laptop running Ableton, the production/performance software. My guitar runs through the laptop (no lugging around a heavy amp), and I mangle the beats with a pedalboard (Behringer FCB 1010) and customized knob/button controller (Livid Instruments Code). I’ve also been experimenting with a MIDI Fighter in my setup, which is 16 arcade buttons that remind me of playing Street Fighter back in the day. Shoryuuuuken.

When did you start Seven7h Wave?

I started in 2007 with a project called Mantra that never really left the confines of my studio. Looking back, that was a bridge between my rock/metal band days and the live electronic sound. Those tracks were pretty raw but it was a good learning experience…maybe I’ll release them someday. After refining my sound I started Seven7h Wave in 2009.

How has your act changed over the years?

My sound started at a fast tempo…more drive and less groove. I was fusing fast guitar and synth riffs with a progressive housey electro type sound. I eventually got sick of that, and dialed back the tempo. Pretty Lights was a big influence behind that change. These days I’m exploring the middle ground between the two extremes; less 4/4 and more complex drum beats. I get bored easily so my sound is always gradually changing.

What sets you apart from other live PA acts out there?

I fuse live guitar with cellos, strings, melodic synths, random vocal snippets, background noise, heavy beats, and chiptune/NES/Atari sounds. I think this hybrid of electric and organic sets me apart. I don’t try to sound like any particular genre; I just produce and play whatever comes naturally. My sets aren’t like seeing a DJ, where it’s mostly the same tempo and vibe the whole night.
I often feel like I’m driving a giant machine that’s about to blow apart at the seams. It’s fun playing a live set and not being sure of exactly what’s going to happen next. 

How many albums or tracks have you produced so far?

That’s a good question. Lemme go check.
OK…I just added it up and so far I’ve produced 31 original tracks. Most of those are released, but some have only been played live. I put out a self-titled EP in 2010. Right now I’m working on my first full-length album.

Tell us about your first big break.

In early-2009 I had some songs ready, and had finally figured out how I was gonna pull them off live. The problem was I had nowhere to play them. One drunken night I found myself sharing a ride with a promoter, and I just happened to have my demo on me. He liked what he heard, and a week later I was playing my first show. (Lesson for musicians – always have your music on you.)

What is the largest venue/concert you've played?

That would be Red Rocks, at the final Monolith Festival. The rock gods smiled on me and within four months of my first show I was able to share a bill with the likes of Mars Volta, Of Montreal, and Savoy. I played one of the side stages, and the band before me was an indie/folk act. Very eclectic lineup. I’ve also played Beta; it’s fun hauling a guitar into a dance club. 

What are you up to these days?

Other than working on my new album and tweaking my live set, I just finished arranging a compilation of Denver producers called Digital Graffiti. Denver is a hotbed of innovative musicians using technology to create new sounds. I wanted to showcase what we’re all about here in the MHC. It’ll be out on April 3rd.

Word on the street is that musicians live a grand life of drugs, sex and lots of groupies... give us the juice! 

Being on stage in front of an amped-up crowd is the best high in the world.

That's it?  No juicy details about the VIP room?  Next time I guess...

In the mean time, you can find out more about Seven7h Wave @

And while you're at it... have a listen here:

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