One Direction

Every once in a while a band comes out of nowhere.

Two weeks ago, if you would have asked anyone at TicketProxy who One Direction was, we would have looked at you with an awkward, yet curious face.  We hadn't the foggiest idea who they are.  Then all the sudden thier USA tour goes on sale and every show sells out like crazy, in a matter of minutes no less.  So we decided it was time to listen to them in the office to hear what they were all about.  

Needless to say, it didn't take long before two of us spoke up and said: "Turn that crap off!  My ears are bleeding from that turn of century N*Sync meets Backstreet Boys crap!"  It's horrible, simply horrible that a bunch of teenage wanna be Jonas Brothers are once again taking the stage and swooning little girls.  All I have to say is... it's a fad.  Give them 1-2 years max and they will be passe, washed up, recovering cocaine addicts... not half as cute as Lindsay Lohan; and changing their name to One Hit Wonder.




*Image by Fiona McKinlay @

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