Guide to Snagging Tickets - Follow Up

If an event is already sold out... here's three helpful hints from The Ticket Economist that could help you secure the tickets you want at a price your happy with.

I've been perusing the internet looking for information that can prove to be useful for our readers as well as our customers when it comes to obtaining the tickets they want.  As a secondary marketplace, we know that often times our inventory is above face value, so we'd like to give you guys a few more tips we came across to help you get your tickets!

The self-proclaimed "Ticket_Guru" at Ticket Economist has couple tips that we'd like to pass to all of you:

Strategy 1: Visit the primary sellers website (TicketMaster, etc) on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings between 9:45 and 11am in the two weeks leading up to the show you want to see – I like trying to find tickets at 10 and 10:30am, which is when they release previously held back tickets. I have snagged great tickets this way for everything from Coldplay to Pearl Jam.
Strategy 2: Scour and [and :)] in the ten days leading up to the show of your choice up until 72 hours before. Both sites scour different reseller ticket sources and allow you to search by price, which eases the search process. Ignore tickets that are out of your price range and don’t let high prices scare you – in some cases brokers price tickets higher as a defensive strategy against arbitrage. If you don’t see a price you like, wait. Pointers: I like SeatGeeks buy/wait recommendations but I can’t speak to their accuracy, while FanSnap gets direct ticket inventory feeds from a larger pool of resellers.
Strategy 3: On the day of the concert with no tickets in hand, go the the venue 2 or 3 hours before showtime and stroll the tailgates looking for extras. This is probably best done by an extrovert, but the idea is you surf the barbecue and beer parties making friends and asking if anyone has an extra ticket. Scalpers utilize the strategy all the time and they usually try to buy tickets for below face value. Most people are very happy to sell tickets for the price they paid, less fees.

Hopefully his suggested strategies will help all of our readers snag a few tix :) Check out his other blogs, they're pretty insightful. The full blog can be viewed here: Ticket Economist Blog  

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