Get The Book of Mormon Tickets - A Consumers' Experience

Irene S. Levine of NBC Universal's Life Goes Strong blog shares her experience obtaining The Book of Mormon tickets from the box office.


   While researching better ways for consumers to obtain tickets for top selling events, specificially The Book of Mormon, I came across Irene S. Levine's article on NBC Universal's Life Goes Strong blog.  She details how consumers can obtain tickets to hot shows, directly from the box office and not through secondary sellers or brokers.  Below are excerpts from her article which can be found here: The Book of Mormon: How to Buy Tickets.

How I Got Tickets:

On June 6th, I read a newspaper announcement that said beginning June 8th the show would be selling seats for new Friday matinée performances. I went online through Telechargeand checked seating availability for both Premium Seats and American Express Preferred Seating for an upcoming Friday matinée. When I saw I could get great seats for a performance only two days later, I cleared my calendar, took the plunge, and purchased pricey tickets for a show that I had wanted to see forever.

Irene had the right idea, stay on top of the news.  Often times shows in great demand will add new shows, giving you another opportunity to snag tickets.  If you have an American Express card, you may have access to pre reserved seats that no one else has access to.  Also, checking primary ticketers or subscribing to their email newsletters is a great way to be the first to know about added shows or recently released tickets.

In addition, Irene provides consumers with seven more tips to ensure you get tickets.  I'll list the tips, but go to her article to read the in-depth explanation of each. 

1) Plan Ahead

2) Take a Chance

3) Prepare to Stand

4) Splurge

5) Stay Flexible

6) Think Way-Off-Broadway

7) Be The First to Hear the News

All cited (italic) information is property of NBC Universal Inc. and written by Irene S. Levine for Life Goes Strong.

Photo is of The Book of Mormon on sale in Denver, Colorado and is the property of The Denver Post.

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