Crew Member Death Causes Radiohead to Cancel Toronto Show

A stage collapse during the setup for tonight's Radiohead concert kills a crew member forcing the band to cancel tonight's sold out show.

According to E! Online, a crewmember was killed when a stage collapsed in Toronto's Downsview Park venue this evening.  Toronto police have not confirmed whether or not there are more casualties from this incident, but we'll surely hear more in the near future.  

For everyone who has purchased tickets to this show, please call the company you purchased from to request a refund or find out if there is a make-up show being added.  If you purchased from us, we will be working late to contact customers about refunds as well as taking customer phone calls.

Our condolences go out to the crew member's family, friends, and to Radiohead.  


If you purchased through us, call: 303-997-7205 or email:

If you purchased through Ticketmaster, call: 800-653-8000

We've been told by Ticketmaster that they will be automatically returning the ticket price plus fees to your credit card within 7-10 business days.  This refund, however, does NOT include any shipping charges.

We will also be processing refunds, which should show up in your accounts within the same time frame.  Conversely, we will be refunding shipping charges to our customers.

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