Apogaea's Threats are in Fact Illegal

Recently, Apogaea's board has been threatening ticket sellers, but we've found that according to Colorado State law... these threats are illegal! Read on...

I was looking for Apogaea tickets on Craigslist and came across a notice from Apogaea's board stating that they will void any ticket found to have been sold for above face value. This really ruffled my feathers... because as a professional ticket broker in Colorado, I know the laws.  So I decided to do my due diligence and investigate this... read this reply: (probably flagged by the time this is posted)


NOTICE: Apogaea Ticket Sellers, Brokers, and Scalpers - $50

I would like to inform everyone that the warning to scalpers and others selling Apogaea tickets above face value posted by the Apogaea Board is, in fact, in violation of CRS § 6-1-718. What they are stating is illegal and warrants legal ramifications if they proceed. Please consider the excerpts below from CRS § 6-1-718:

"It is illegal to set a term or condition of purchase that restricts the purchaser's right to resell subscription/season tickets or hold onto some tickets while selling others."

"It is illegal to set a term or condition of purchase that restricts the reseller's ability to buy future tickets including season/subscription tickets."

"It is illegal to set a term or condition that imposes a sanction on the purchaser if they bought a ticket from a reseller not approved by the event operator."

"Event operators are not allowed to deny event access to ticket holders who bought their tickets from resellers (regardless of whether they hold a season/subscription ticket) solely on the basis that the reseller is not approved by the event operator."

If they cause financial harm to anyone trying to sell their tickets for above face value, those individuals/companies have legal recourse to see that the Apogaea board is prosecuted under Colorado State law.



We did a some fact checking before writing this response, and sure enough, Apogaea's threats are in violation of CRS § 6-1-718.  You know that means?  Sell your tickets for whatever you want!

My suggestion would be to print and highlight a copy of CRS § 6-1-718, bring it with you to Apogaea.

Here's a link to the law, read it and decide for yourself:  CRS § 6-1-718

***Edited 7:45PM - Because the heat of the moment got the best of me.  Apogaea is a great organization, and the event they promote is pretty awesome... we have many friends that are active in the community and long-time burners.  So we like what they stand for.  That said, their ticket reselling stance is still against Colorado state law, in our opinion.  I suggest they find a better route. We'd be all ears for an open commentary if one of the Board of Directors is willing to speak up... April Menegazzo maybe?***

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